Mashhad selection as the capital of Islamic Culture in 2017, was one of the decisions of the ISESCO Summit 2010 of Educational, Scientific and Cultural Islamic Nations Organization in Baku.

At that meeting, members made decisions to determine the cultural capital of the Islamic world, in the years 2015 to 2024, and thus, it was decided, in 2017, Mashhad, bears the title of the cultural capital of the Islamic world among Asian Non-Arab countries, Sennar (Sudan) and Amman (Jordan), jointly, be the cultural capital of the Arab countries, and the title of cultural capital of the Islamic world, among African countries will be dedicated to Kapala (Uganda).

Of course, Mashhad, in addition to the cultural capital of the Islamic world, this year, will be the host of the ISESCO World Summit, which is also an opportunity for Mashhad to be raised more in the Islamic world, and presenting cultural activities.

Experts in the tourism industry believe that the spiritual capital of Iran, due to its cultural and religious position has a great potential for growth and development.

However, it seems that there is no defined strategy planned and implemented in the field.

Whereas, the prosperity of cultural activities with a focus on pilgrimage, in addition to economic development, and also providing employment opportunities, and wiping inappropriate image, which Western countries with their vast propaganda have promoted against our country, provides a better ground for cultural interactions, particularly in the area of Razavi culture.