Organs transplant is one of modern sciences, which in recent years, due to advances in medical science have become widespread in our country, and exploiting it, some organs of the body of a person who is brain dead, can be transplanted to another person who is in need of the organ.

Many heart patients, are waiting to receive a healthy heart, and many retrieve their vision, just by corneal transplant. If we accept that an organ transplantation, is one of the most valuable things that a human can do, and saves another person’s life, they should put efforts to spread the culture of organ donation, and acquaint everyone with the blessings of this righteous deed. Brain death is defined as stable and irreversible cessation of all brain functions, which in this situation, no hope to restore damaged brain lingers, and the person will never be able to live again. So in such cases, some of the organs could be transplanted.

A person, during lifetime could testate that in the case of having a brain death, their organs be transplanted to patients in need. In this regard, Mashhad Kowsar Hotel, to foster the culture of this godly affair, with the full consent of the personnel, considers organs donation after death its duty to help those in need.