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Kowsar Hotel Code of Ethics

The employees of Kowsar Hotel are committed to divine decrees with trust in the Almighty God and will always put their activities at the helm of affairs based on the sacred system of Islamic Republic of Iran, and we believe God’s satisfaction would be possible by serving servants of God, and we always consider the pilgrims of Ali ibn Musa al-Reza (A.S.) as our main asset; in addition, since hospitality is the Iranian tradition, we hope to be able to bring our responsibility in the best efficient way to fruition.

We are familiar with the principles and regulations of hospitality and fully aware and recognize the implementation of the rules and standards of the hotels, in harmony with implementing the need for offering the appropriate services to hotel guests, as our responsibility. We always try to also have an accurate and consistent planning in personal life and work place.

We keep the information and secrets of the hotel and guests confidential and refuse to spread or restate them.

We consider the correct, fast, and appropriate performing of the assigned tasks as our natural responsibility and put our utmost effort in order to accomplish our tasks by observing justice and fairness as well as efforts.

We put responsibility, punctuality, discipline, and humility as the helm of all our affairs; furthermore, with keeping a decent appearance in environmental and personal hygiene, we act in compliance with the religious laws, regulations, and standards.

We try to spare no efforts in order to improve individually and organizationally by observing ethical and professional principles of occupation.

We consider offering guidance and services eagerly to the guests and trying to satisfy the logical needs of the guests as well as preventing their bewilderment as part of our responsibilities.

Trying to use the facilities and equipment of the hotel optimally as well as to prevent prodigality and also to pay full attention to safety in the workplace and optimal use of the safety devices will always be the focus of attention.

We consider guests’ feedback (suggestions and complaints) as a key opportunity and will always utilize all our efforts in order to correct the defects and following them up.