Historical Places

Ferdowsi Tomb

Hakim Abolghasem Ferdowsi,is the greatest Iranian epic composer  who composed Shahnameh during 30 years of his life time. The tomb of his great and famous poet is located 24 kilometers northwest of Mashhad (Tous)on Mashhad-Grouching road.Ferdowsi’s tomb is placed in a inspirational garden. Beautiful stone portraits inside the tomb’s arena depict  stories and epical achievements of Shahnameh.

Restoration of the tomb was done in the year 1968.on the west side of the tomb’s courtyard, there is a museum.one of the pieces of this  museum is a Shahnameh that weighs 37 kilograms.

Nader’s Tomb

Nader’s Tomb is located in a wonderful garden on Shohada intersection. The building was built in 1956 by the National Works committee. The statue of Nader, while riding a horse and holding a cleaver, is installed on top of the tomb. The statue was made by the institute of Bruni statue makers. The height of this statue is 5 meters. Its estimated weight is 74000 kilograms. Inside the tomb building, there is a museum which puts on display the weapons,helmets,shields and 130guns belonging to the time of Nader Shah. The tomb was inaugurated  in 1963.Nadershah came to the throne in Sheval of 1148(Lunar year) and was assassinated by the guards(Ghezelbash)Jamadi-Al-sani of 1160(lunar years).

Harounieh Vault

The only remaining architectural brickwork belonging to the old Tous is known as Harounie Vault which was repaired and restored by the committe of National works and Cultural Heritage of Khorasan. People call it Harounih jail and in itineraries texts it has been referred to as Tous mosque and the prayer place Ghazzali.Resent studies have shown that Harounieh is only an abbey or tomb  which was side by side of another  religious building built on ancient ruins. The building contains a rectangular large area with a vault with the height of nearly 25 meters and an area of 12 by 12 .At the end of the building there are three small rooms with plaster decorations is limited to vertical panels.and columns of facade on the sides of the entrance.