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Code of conduct

In many texts and articles related to hospitality, the responsibilities of staff and respective service providers have been noted and emphasized.

The point which needs more attention is that guests also have obligations and duties toward the place from which they receive their services. Mutual Adherence to obligations, in addition to bringing pleasant experience for guests, increases the willingness of employees to provide better and more qualitative services.

Ethics code of conducts of the guests at the hotel includes the principles to which guests must adhere in the hotel in order that in addition to the pleasant experience of staying in the hotel, they also involve in a pleasant hotel stay for other guests and encourage hotel staff to provide appropriate high quality services.

Article One : Respect for the Role of the Hotel Staff

From the moment of entering the hotel to the moment of leaving, let every employee do their duty, and do not act hastily to do them yourself.

Pay attention to the name and post title of the hotel staff, which is written on their labels.

If you are provided a service by a person who is not the responsible one for that, do not be curious for its reason.

Do not give negative comments about the roles of the hotel staff.

Keep your personal opinions about the hotel staff related to their eligibility for promotion to higher positions for yourself.

If you are satisfied with each of the hotel staff, thank them properly.

Do not express your dissatisfaction by shouting in public spaces of the hotel.

If you are unsatisfied with some of the hotel services, inform the respective official or fill up a special suggestion and complaint form.

Article II : Respect for the Personality of the Hotel Staff

Do not forget saying "Hello" and "Thank you" to the hotel staff.

Discuss your requests with a polite tone.

Avoid requesting imperiously and with a loud voice.

Do not call the hotel staff by shouting.

Do not talk to the hotel staff about different ethnicities, nationalities, and religions.

Avoid vilifying the hotel staff in front of their coworkers.

Article Three: Paying Attention to Information Systems in Hotel

Pay attention to the information given to you on arrival in the reception counter.

Pay attention to the signs in various areas and sections of the hotel.

Pay attention to the written signs installed in different areas of the hotel in order to provide information for you.

When entering the room, study the folder, containing the required information for the guests.

Pay attention to the information and written signs given to you in order to safeguard the guests.

Article Four: Paying Attention to Regulations in the Hotel

Pay attention to the regulations and restrictions regarding the provision of any service at the hotel.

Consider the social rules of the area in your behavior in the hotel.

Do not insist on doing religious and cultural prohibitions in the hotel.

Do not take personal measures in case of violation of the regulations by the other guests of the hotel, and report it to the respective official in the hotel.

Article Five : Respecting the Rights of Other Guests

At sleeping time at night, open and close the door of your room quietly.

In the corridors of the hotel, walk quietly, and do not talk loudly.

Do not be curious about other guests and their life.

Have suitable clothes on when you leave the room.

Do not turn up the volume of your radio, television, and music.

Article six : Paying Attention to Maintaining the Hotel Property

Do not damage the hotel room and its equipment and do not litter.

Do not take the towels, sheets, and other items of the hotel room.

Give the key to the reception section of the hotel every time you leave the hotel.

If you smoke, make sure you extinguish it.

If you find any defects in hotel rooms or other parts of the hotel, notify the respective official.

Article Seven : Prevention of Discontent

Do not keep your valuables in the room.

Do not show your money in the hotel.

Before choosing the hotel, pay attention to your financial resources.

Before choosing the hotel, pay attention to the hotel ranking and services which it can offer to you, and match your expectations with the hotel level.

If you have a problem or observe a defect in your room, discuss it with the respective official, and do not try to tolerate it to the end of your stay.

Article Eight : Observing Tips for Spaces Related to Serving Food and Drinks

If the tables of the restaurant, breakfast buffet, or coffee shop are not empty, leave and come back in another time.

If a self-service is arranged for part or all of the food, pick the food calmly and without hastiness.

If there is a self-service, pick the food as much as you can eat.

If you are not willing to use self-service, let the host of the restaurant know.

Note that serving system of food and drinks of a hotel has been designed in accordance with the hotel ranking.

If you want something which is not on your desk, do not pick it yourself from other tables, and ask the host to give it to you.

If you find an extra object in your food, do not inform others; you can inform your host quietly and request to change your meal.

Never smoke at the restaurant table.

Do not make loud and abnormal sounds.

Put the pieces of bone, cartilage, etcetera inside your plate, and do not put them on the table.

Do not put your spoon, fork, and knife on the table after using them.

When you order the food, if you do not know the type and ingredients of the intended food, ask the waiter to help you.

Try to keep the table cloth clean to the end of eating.

When you leave the restaurant or coffee shop, let the waiter take care of moving things.

Article Nine : The Correct and Enjoyable Use of Sporting and Recreational Services of the Hotel

If you want to use sporting or recreational services of the hotel, gain information about them.

Observe the regulations and limitations of age, time, etcetera in using the sporting and recreational services of the hotel.

When using the sporting and recreational spaces of the hotel, pay attention to the warning signs in these spaces.

When using the sporting and recreational spaces of the hotel, pay attention to the written points on them.

When using exercise machines, pay attention to the instructions posted on them.

Before using the sporting and recreational facilities of the hotel, if you have a specific disease or allergy, notify the respective official.

Observe sanitary issues in the sporting spaces.

Pay special attention to the elderly and children in using the sporting and welfare facilities.