Bazaars and shopping centers

Reza Bazaar

The largest shopping venter for tourists and pilgrims is Reza Bazaar in which you can buy different kinds of souvenirs including: turquoise, agate ring, golden items, and perfumes, saffron, sugar extract, prayer clay, small rug for praying ,and rosaries. The bazaar is built in an area of 800 meters in length and 30 meters wide with a total area of 72000 square meters. The total length of the Bazaar in two stories and two hall is three kilometers, the length of each is 750 meters.

Zist Khavar

 Zist khavar is the first commercial center of mashhad and one of the largest and most beautiful commercial centers of Iran. Every day, it is visited by thousands of pilgrims . the building is built of a gorgeous combination of Iranian and European architecture with unique plaster works on the ceiling this center has got escalators and lifts for people and the shopkeapers ‘merchandise for all floors of it. The internal cell phone antenna, ATM machines, a mosque, electronic round the clock foreign exchange banks, Tourist and travel agencies, insurance companies stands, restaurants, coffee shops, taxi services, police station and different kinds of shops .are some of the facilities of this great commercial center

The Central bazaar

The commercial shopping mall of central bazaar is located at shohad intersection and includes a large area of land. The building of the bazaar is composed of four floors, on the second floor of which the wholesale centers and commercial offices are located. The minus two floor contains installations and a parking lot. The center has got two phases, the first part and the second part whose construction started in 1985 and finished in 1998. The shops and stores in this center present an assortment of clothing, souvenirs, ornamentations and different religious symbols and tourists’ requirement.

Khyayam commercial center

The international commercial exchange and tourism services of Khayam is located on a piece of land measuring 299 hectares located on the northern corner of the city of Mashhad around the area of 100 meters belt ring of Aboutalebe Shomali and Khayam Blvds. The contract for the construction of this center was ratified in 1996 by the supreme council and unbanization of the city of Mashhad and it is the project of international Sepad Company. The design of this center features unique symmetry and elegance in determining location, utilization, construction, regulation and directive of performance and meet the needs and urgency of the citation. The design   of the building can provide for specialized stock market of merchandise and services and play a positive role in commercial affairs, foreign or domestic. Including in the facilities of this center are trade centers of goods, reception and restaurant center, coffee shops and coffee net, the offices of business companies, insurance companies, international transportation companies, banks, payer halls, bus services, taxi stands, cargo transportation and … Khayam Bazaar contains 196 commercial units with special architecture and a pleasant green area and service facilities for tourists.

Proma Commercial Center

The construction of Proma Commercial center, having a building area of25000square meters in five floors started in the year 2000 and was put into utilization in 2004

Located in one of the most populous, the best neighborhood of the holy Mashhad   and around Sadjad residential area and no. 2 Homa Hotel with a beautiful and majestic façade, it is one of the most gorgeous and the grandest commercial centers of Iran.

Almase Shargh (Eastern Diamond) Complex

The commercial building of the complex is in six floors and has a building area of 67000 square meters and 1100 commercial units. Most of the commercial units of this complex have been leased to agencies, merchants of commodities, household appliance distributers, china ware and crystal, audio visual appliances, computers and Cellphones. The Parking building of the complex is in four flours with an average building area of 27000 square meters and with a capacity of 1300 car. The complex has a special and unique architectural design and includes 21 electric ramps and escalators, 16 lifts, jumping water show, central heating and cooling, audio system, CCTV cameras, IT network, coffee shops, a recreation center, restaurants, prayer halls, meeting foyer and other installations and necessary facilities

   Hakim Bazaar

The bazaar was established in 1986 and includes four floors and 120 commercial units where you can buy articles of clothing, cosmetics and sanitary items, fake items , silver ware, crystal ware, every day necessities, bags, shoes and … the place is known as the Russian bazaar since the different merchandise produced in middle east countries are also presented in it. Hakim Bazaar is located at Northern Imam Khomeini ST. opposite Education Administration building

Goharshad Bazaar

The complex is located along Shahid Sadeghi Blvd. – between Sheshsad  Dastgah intersection and Rahnamaei  square. The building area of it is nearly 2100 square meters the first floor of which is 1445 square meters and the lower floor of it is 720 square meters. The landed property of it belongs to Goharshad endowments and was established by the administration of endowments of Khorasan Razavi in 1987 and was inaugurated three years later. Ghoharshad Bazaar , having large and spacious corridors, contains 84 stores in which electric and home appliances, Prism and crystal wares, textiles, perfumes and o declines, shoes, infant service, stationery and graphic appliances, toys, souvenirs and … are offered. The facilities of this complex include a prayer hall, ATM machines, drinking water and public toilets.

Khorasan Art Bazaar

The place has been constructed with the aim of restoring local and traditional arts of Khorasan in a proper location as a part of Cultural and Recreational  center of Kouhsangi under the supervision of the Municipality .it has an area of 2560 square meters with 54 store on the ground floor and four corridors on the upper floor dedicated to thirteen art groups. It was constructed on February. 13,2005. The Bazaar is a center for presenting artistic creations of traditional and local artist of the city of Mashhad and the reason for its establishment is saving the heritage and works of this motherland